Leaving It All At The Door

Posted on April 17, 2017 by

Recently I went through a period where, for about a month, I was feeling very stressed out.

Work was incredibly busy. It was go-go-go from the minute I walked into the office until it was time to pack up and go home. I was constantly working through my lunches. I was even having dreams filled with work-related stress.

On top of that, my house was in disarray (renovations have been ongoing at home for a while), I was behind on laundry, and I hadn’t gone grocery shopping in two weeks!

During that time I noticed something. On the days I had a workout scheduled I found myself really looking forward to the workout.

If I had canceled my workout it would have freed up an extra hour in the day. An hour that I could have used to catch up on more work, tidy up the house, finally get around to putting the new curtains up, or countless other things.

Rather than texting my trainer to cancel, I packed up my workout bag and headed to the studio.



As soon as I walked in the door at the studio my stress melted away. It wasn’t even something I really noticed until I thought back on it. Walking in the door put me into a zone where nothing outside of that studio mattered.

For the next hour it was all about me and my workout. I was so focused on my training that I didn’t even think about how tired and stressed out I was.

Even after the workout ended and I was back at home I felt calmer and more in-control. I had more focus and energy for the tasks I did that evening, and I slept better.



Making the time to take care of ourselves, both our bodies and our minds, is incredibly important. When life is pulling you in all directions time for self care is often the first to go.

Seeing your workouts as a must-do appointment scheduled into your busy day rather than an optional if-I-have-time task makes it easier to ensure that you do take some time for yourself.

And you’re so much better off for it.



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