Brian J. Van Veen

This has definitely started me in right direction after many years of neglecting my overall health. Eating, sleeping and feeling stronger have been great benefits which have led me having more energy and am down approximately 17 lbs.

Lynn Bice

I’m grateful for the personable and expert training received with Roberto. His patience and understanding of my limitations has helped me gain strength and improve my overall physical well being without injury.

Training sessions keep me motivated to maintain the gain. There is always an interesting combination of exercises to look forward to. The increased strength has boosted my energy level which in turn has made it possible for me to add other exercise activities to my daily life.

The side of affects of the fibromyalgia have really decreased. I plan to follow along this path in 2017!!!

Dan Neaves

I’ve been doing one on one training with Roberto for two and a half months and am very impressed! I’ve lost 16 lbs and feel better than ever! I would highly recommend Just Sweat to anyone who is looking to improve their level of fitness!

Kevin Cavander

Kevin’s awesome success story has a tasty ending!

“I started doing some fitness training for 3 hours a week with Curtis Walls, along with getting some nutrition counselling from Tara Robbins at Just Sweat Fitness Studio about 8 weeks ago.

The results have been amazing.

Weight loss of 17.7 lbs, my blood pressure is back where it belongs at 122 over 80, and my waist size has dropped by 2″.

I’m going to celebrate with a pizza for dinner tonight.”

Tyson G

“My name is Tyson and I have been taking TRX classes along with my wife Michelle, and our friends Dominick & Rachelle since September. Despite being completely new to TRX, Just Sweat, and personal training altogether, I’m beginning to wonder why I didn’t join sooner.

The enthusiasm and motivation from Curtis compliments his ability to create dynamic and diverse training sessions, all the while maintaining an upbeat and personable atmosphere. Although our group had varied levels of strength and ability, Curtis personalized each session and encouraged us to challenge ourselves based on our individual capabilities. In other words, you could make each session as easy or difficult as you wanted, but not without Curtis motivating you the entire time.

From this, I would certainly recommend the TRX classes, Curtis Walls, and the Just Sweat Fitness Studio.”

-Tyson G

Michelle G

“At first I was quite nervous about the class because at that point I hadn’t worked out in over 6 months. Not only was Curtis friendly and welcoming, he made me feel really comfortable with the TRX bands, as well as with the many other exercises. Through his regular verbal feedback, Curtis motivated me to work to my fullest potential, ensuring I got the best workout possible.

I have really enjoyed this class! I feel better about myself and I have definitely become stronger over the past 7 weeks. Curtis is by far one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. I would recommend his classes to anyone.”

-Michelle G

Rachelle N

“I absolutely loved TRX. Curtis did a great job. He’s always friendly, energetic and motivating and he really knows how to make everyone feel comfortable.

The actual classes were great. Curtis was always changing things up with different TRX exercises and also threw some circuit training in there to mix it up.”

-Rachelle N

Dominick N

“Just wanted to let you know that both Rachelle and I had a great time at the class.  We only have positive things to say as Curtis was great and the facilities were also great.

The class was excellent and we have already recommended it to many of our acquaintances and friends.”

Rae Vanille

“When I first started working out, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do some of the things I’m able to do now. In just a few short months I’ve been able to see the results of my hard work. Not only does my body look better but it feels better too. My self-esteem and attitude towards fitness have changed thanks to Tara and the rest of the team at Just Sweat. I look forward to accomplishing more and discovering what else me and my body are capable of!”

Rae lost 34lbs and continues to love fitness.

Andrew’s Success Stories

“Andrew’s instruction was equally physically demanding and psychologically penetrating, his meditative voice lending itself perfectly to the intense relaxation of the evening sessions, which coincided with the sun setting on the ocean’s horizon. “

Roxanne Fisher, writer, BBC Worldwide

“Andrew was my first ever yoga teacher and he was great, his soft voice guided me through new techniques and positions. He can take on experienced and beginner classmates with ease, finding the right balance was well structured with Andrew. My first class was a little emotional as the sun set and the next era of my life began!”

Matt Tinsley, Surfer, 32

“I learned far more than I thought I would in the yoga classes. Keeping the sessions engaging and fun for such varying abilities is no mean feat, and our lovely teacher Andrew achieved this day after day.”

Zest Magazine UK (May 2013)

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